When you think about each item on the list, they’re done well already today

  1. Buying music on iTunes. No problems of not getting the items there.
  2. Online payments. PayPal seems to work quite well.
  3. Recruiting? Your so called recruitment system is just a place to review other people online. That’s very possible with a centralised database too. Hundreds of sites in have review systems and there’s really no need for a decentralised database to make it happen. LinkedIn has reviews for people.
  4. Cloud storage. It actually costs 22 million dollars to store 1 gb of data on Bitcoin. 5000 dollars on Ethereum. Even on cheaper solutions like ipdb it costs 100 dollars. Cloud storage works pretty well nowadays. You can have your documents encrypted same way as you can on the blockchain. I assume we will see some innovation in this field in the future. But the current state of affairs is not bad at all for people.
  5. Voting systems for organisations? Completely possible today too. Why do you need a voting system to run a company. Get every employee at Google to vote on what they build next. I don’t think that will work too well but it’s entirely possible to do without a decentralised database!

So much BS hype around blockchain right now it’s maddening. Had anyone actually built a useful dapp yet?

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Founder: Skilled.co.il & Draft Fantasy. Full stack JavaScript Engineer. https://elie.tech

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