Thanks for the kind words.

The background tasks droplet has its own mup.json file. The only real difference between the background droplet and the other droplets is the environment variables used. I could even deploy to this droplet using the same mup.json file as the regular droplets, but its easier for me to have it in seperate files allowing me to easily restart the background task server if needed.

I don’t have any specific workflow for deploying. I just run mup deploy when I feel the code is stable enough. If there are changes that I’m worried could cause problems I might first upload to a staging server, play around with it there for a few days, and then only later deploy to the main site.

I don’t use continuous integration and only use very limited automated testing which might not be the best way to work, but due to time constraints I don’t think there’s a better way for me to work at the moment. In the past I have relied on users to find my bugs, which isn’t great, but over time all the major bugs get ironed out.

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