I did read about a game built with Meteor hitting 500 concurrent on a single $10 droplet, but with my app I think even 100 per instance is pushing things. I’m not sure if this is anything meteor specific. It’s just that everything is subscribed to and that takes a lot of server room resources. When they finish adding apollo for reactive graphql apparently it will be a lot easier to turn off all this reactivity. This should make meteor much easier to scale seeing as most of the time you don’t need teal time updates for everything on the site.

Elixir and Phoenix should do better than Meteor, but if you subscribe to everything with them, you’ll run into the same scaling issues I assume, just at a slightly higher number of concurrent users.

I’ll also add, 200 concurrent users is quite a lot. That means thousands or tens of thousands of users in total.

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Founder: Skilled.co.il & Draft Fantasy. Full stack JavaScript Engineer. https://elie.tech

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