Firstly, don’t write comments (or articles) with the word “I” appearing 17 times.

Apologies for the sarcasm below.

“I have never approached a woman CEO…” — MY HERO!

“I see no difference between you and I” — MY HERO! (But seriously, you don’t see the differences between men and women? You’re superhuman and don’t have biases? You don’t realise the number of unconsciously bias decisions we make each day?).

“Is it all due to my mother being in the women’s lib movement in the 70s and seeing strong women as I grew-up?” — Seriously? Do you think this is the reason this supernatural being, that is yourself, came to be born and see women the same as men. Again, what a hero you are.

“All I can say to your story is that there is at least one man who will not do the above 5 transgressions against you if we meet.” Wow. What a great guy. My hero once again. So noble and moral.

I apologise for the sarcasm throughout. You’re not my hero. The post was so incredibly self-centered and pretentious.

Written by

Founder: & Draft Fantasy. Full stack JavaScript Engineer.

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